Getting Jobs in Costa Rica

We’re here to Help!

If it’s not your top concern it is most certainly your second – Getting a Job. Taking your TEFL course with us will facilitate finding a job in Costa Rica and elsewhere around the world. Here’s how:

We’re Experts in the Job Market!

Costa Rica TESOL was founded by ESL teacher’s that have over 20 years of experience teaching English in Costa Rica. Your trainers have contacts in the  major ESL schools around Costa Rica, universities, and even access to some public schools (although it is tricky getting a job with the government).

The ESL Market Is Huge in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, and that is due to the large amount of foreign companies moving here to provide their services such as Intel, IBM, Western Union, HP, Oracle, just to name a few. This has made not only learning, but mastering the English language necessary which has opened the doors to countless ESL schools. This is all excellent news for English teachers wanting to move to Costa Rica and teach English.

Idiomas Mundiales

Costa Rica TESOL has an unbelievably close relationship with Idiomas Mundiales. Costa Rica TESOL’s founders first started Idiomas Mundiales, an ESL institute for adults in 2008. With 3 locations and over 12 English teachers on staff at any time, Idiomas Mundiales also serves as a great source of jobs for our TEFL graduates. Trainees graduating from Costa Rica TESOL’s program will have preferential treatment when new teaching positions are available. On average, one teaching position opens up every month.

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