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Why Should You Choose to Study with INTESOL?

  • INTESOL is the best known provider of quality TESOL / TEFL courses.
  • INTESOL is a global organisation with branches throughout the world.
  • INTESOL offers a LEVEL 5 TEFL course which is the equivalent to Celta.
  • INTESOL is accredited by NCFE. This means we are inspected and assessed to ensure that our courses meet the very highest standards in TEFL / TESOL.

Whether you study our online or onsite TESOL / TEFL courses, on successful completion of the INTESOL TEFL Certification, you will receive the TEFL Certification and a Course Transcript which gives a complete breakdown of course contents and grades for potential employers.

The Benefits of TESOL / TEFL Certification Training with INTESOL are obvious!

  • INTESOL has branches throughout the world.
  • Accredited by NCFE, the world’s leader in TEFL accreditation (located in England).
  • Employers worldwide pro-actively seek to employ INTESOL graduates.
  • Great value for money.
  • If you choose to obtain employment independently you will be provided with professional references.
  • You will have a course transcript as evidence of course content for employers.
  • You will receive full support from our highly qualified tutors.
  • You can study anywhere in the world.
  • The Course Director, Lynda Hazelwood, has over 30 years experience with TESOL / TEFL courses.

    Way to go Nicole!

The Truth about TESOL / TEFL Course Qualifications

  • Potential employers seek out teachers who have been trained to a high level.
  • Potential employers seek out teachers whose course has been accredited by an independent accrediting body.
  • There is no single internationally recognised TEFL / TESOL qualification. To address this problem we chose to work with the ODLQC. By gaining accreditation by the ODLQC we have ensured that our TESOL certificates are amongst the most widely recognised anywhere in the world.>/li>

Typical INTESOL Students:

  • Are serious about wanting to train in TESOL / TEFL Certification.
  • Are therefore looking for the best accreditation from an independent accrediting body.
  • Decide on quality rather than price because they realise that they are investing in their education and their future.
  • Understand that a highly qualified, experienced trainer, best quality course and excellent accreditation are absolute necessities in TESOL / TEFL Certification training.
  • Want a qualification which is from a course provider recognised throughout the world.
  • Need to be able to successfully apply for any teaching position throughout the world and not just for the company which trained them and not just in volunteer positions!
  • Know the value of a qualification awarded by an independent accrediting body.
  • Are aware that prospective employers often ask for a TESOL / TEFL course transcript.

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